If you could buy any one thing and you had an unlimited budget, what would you buy? Chapter 1284 – What path to take (5)

“That space of yours is not bad, the Dragon Scaled Horse actually was promoted two ranks in succession.” Nangong Liuyun smilingly shook his head, then, he stroked the Dragon Scale Horse’s head.

Su Luo finally remembered, while it was in her space, the Dragon Scaled Horse, very much lacking integrity, fawned over the little divine dragon. Finally, the little divine dragon also lacking integrity supplied the Dragon Scaled Horse with an endless amount of Celestial Spirit Water to drink. Originally, just taking out a small bottle of Celestial Spirit Water would cause a sensation, but the little divine dragon magnanimously and boldly gave an unlimited supply to the Dragon Scaled Horse. It would be strange if the Dragon Scaled Horse had not advanced.

However, to advance two ranks in succession was also because it had good talent.

After the Dragon Scaled Horse appeared, it rubbed intimately against Su Luo, tossing its original owner to the back of its head.

Nangong Liuyun flicked its head in annoyance: “How did this king raise such an easily deceived thing?”

“Who told me to have good food and good things to play here?” Su Luo tenderly strokes the Dragon Scaled Horse’s head.

The Dragon Scaled Horse nodded its head in a deadly serious manner, expressing that what Su Luo said was true.

Nangong Liuyun was angered to the point of laughing.

“It’s getting late, let us set off quickly without delay.” Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo and turned to enter the horse carriage.

After the two had sat steadily, the Dragon Scaled Horse gave a faint whinny, then opened its hoofs to dash forward.

In the quiet night, the sound of horse hooves were especially loud and clear.

“Eh, the Dragon Scaled Horse’s speed seems to be a lot faster.” Su Lu lifted up the carriage curtain, looking at the structures that were constantly going by, saying in surprise.

“Yes, it is faster by threefold compared to before.” Nangong Liuyun’s head leaned against the carriage wall, closing his eyes to rest.

“Such quick speed, this Dragon Scaled Horse advanced just in time.” Su Luo praised a sentence. However, that unease in her heart became stronger and stronger.

When the Dragon Scaled Horse traveled to the south city gate, suddenly–

The entire Luo Yang City seemed to be enveloped by a formidable attack, like they were ants in a ball, unable to control their own lives.

Under this huge pressure, inside this entire Luo Yang City, the people that were fast asleep woke up one after another, at a loss, not knowing what’s going on.

“Not good, Old Madman has chased over.” Su Luo cried out in alarm and stood up.

Nangong Liuyun’s sharp eyebrows knitted slightly, pulling Su Luo to sit down. Then, he slowly shook his head: “Sit tight.”

Afterwards, he gave a soft whistle.

After the Dragon Scaled Horse heard the whistle, its pace suddenly soared. Quickly, the only thing that was left on the street were grey afterimages. When one opened their eyes again, they were no longer able to capture the Dragon Scale Horse’s silhouette.

Very quickly, the Dragon Scaled Horse had arrived at the south city gate.

However, the city gate was locked up tightly, and the Dragon Scaled Horse simply couldn’t go through!

A row of soldiers stood in the tower of the city gate. The captain of these soldiers saw the carriage rushing towards the gate and shouted loudly: “Who has come?”

Inside the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, there was no sound.

The captain of the soldiers’ voice had a trace of cold harshness: “The city gate is already closed, no one is allowed to go out of the city!”

Reincarnated: Goblin Slayer It was only because he saw the Dragon Scaled Horse and the carriage which was not ordinary that his tone carried a trace of respect. If it was someone else, they would already have been shot dead with arrows.

Just at this moment–

The old madman floated in mid-air, roaring non-stop.

“Loathsome girl, come out!!!”

This roar, was like thousands of knives and thunder combined, then, it exploded with a loud rumble. Rebirth: Blade of Exile This thunderous sound rang loudly between heaven and earth.

The pitiful Luo Yang City, just like this, met with an absurd calamity.

Suddenly, the entire Luo Yang City seemed to have encountered the rare earthquake that came every thousand years.

The entire Luo Yang City shook and the buildings swayed, then broke into fine powder.

A countless number of people sleeping in their rooms, were directly buried alive by the collapsed buildings. Chapter 1285 – What path to take (6)

Many of the more nimble people rushed out of their rooms and ran into the street.

Momentarily, the entire Luo Yang City shook like a sheet.

Luo Yang City was also known as a city of crime. Everyone here had all violated laws somewhere else and afterwards fled here to avoid people chasing to kill them.

Able to live in Luo Yang City, there were very few that didn’t flout the law. But at the same time, able to flee to this city of crime, it could be said their strength also wasn’t bad.

Therefore, when Old Madman’s roar was about to make the entire Luo Yang City collapse, a lot of people still were able to run out.

“Loathsome girl, come out–come out–“

The old madman floated there in mid-air, looking all around, as if trying to find Su Luo’s figure to admonish her.

Su Luo inwardly complained in her heart.

She lowered her voice, and said to Nangong Liuyun: “We won’t be discovered by the old madman right?”

Nangong Liuyun shook his head: “Taking advantage of the chaos right now, we must run out without delay.”

Nangong Liuyun’s long slender finger with pronounced joints lifted up the carriage curtain. Looking at the towering city gate before him, he frowned slightly.

Because the old madman had entered from the north gate, so the north gate was affected the most by the attack. Nearly more than half of the city had collapsed into ruins. Therefore now, a countless number of people were all running toward this south gate.

However, the soldiers guarding on the city wall, no matter what, wouldn’t agree to opening the city gates.

“Retreat backwards, join together to meet the enemy. Who dares to flee, an arrow awaits them!” The captain of the soldiers raised his right hand, behind him was a squadron of archers ready to fire.

Each and every one of them had their bows pulled back with an arrow inserted, taking the posture of preparing to shoot.

At this time, if Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun stepped out to retrieve the Dragon Scale Horse, then jump on top of the city gate and fly out of the south gate, this tentative plan could be executed successfully. Although, it was a bit more time-consuming and took a great deal of effort.

However, with so many people around, with the Dragon Scaled Horse received back into space, wouldn’t this target be too big?

Nangong Liuyun frowned just because of this.

Su Luo smiled and said: “Look carefully, now, I’ll perform a magic trick for you to see.”

One could only see Su Luo wave her hand, and Nothingness of Space enveloped the Dragon Scaled Horse. She gave a low grunt, “Quickly–rush out!”

Up ahead was a very thick wall, with such a fast rushing speed, if they didn’t die, it would still end with them being badly bruised.

As a result, when the surrounding people saw this horse with strange dragon scales rushing forward with flying speed, each and every one of them had a shocked expression.

“Was this horse scared till it went crazy?”

“It ought to be, otherwise, why would it rush heedlessly forward? Over there is the city wall ah!”

“In fact, it became crazy from being scared! However, that’s not bad, if it can ram a small hole, we can also take this opportunity to run out!”

During the time when numerous people were discussing this, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a slight smile.

With Nothingness of Space enveloping them, how could the Dragon Scaled Horse have an accident?

At that time in the demon cave, she and Beichen Ying were both locked inside, unable to get out. It was because she understood Nothingness of Space at that time, did the two of them then find an opportunity to come out.

Now, along with Su Luo’s cultivation being promoted, Nothingness of Space had also gradually enlarged. Now, she could already protect the entire horse carriage.

The Dragon Scaled Horse rushed forward with flying speed, its speed soaring to the peak!

The pitiful Dragon Scaled Horse didn’t know that Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space would be so easy to use. It striving so hard was all because of its respect and trust in its master and master’s lady.

“Wow, wow, wow, this horse has gone crazy! It really is about to ram into the wall!”

“Oh heavens, who can stop this horse?”

Some people screamed loudly, and there were also people who looked on gloomily. Chapter 1286 – What path to take (7)

Because after the Dragon Scaled Horse died, this horse carriage would be very useful to everyone.

Just when some people were crying out in alarm, while some rejoiced in others’ misfortune, the Dragon Scaled Horse’s head smashed into the wall–

Everyone was taken aback when not only didn’t the Dragon Scaled Horse smash the wall until its head broke with blood flowing, instead, seemingly out of nowhere, it disappeared in place.

“Oh heavens, what just happened? Where is that horse? How is it that it disappeared?” A lot of people rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

“It seems, seems it had passed through to the other side!”

“Impossible! You think this wall is made from paper paste? How could it pass through?”

While everyone was discussing this, the soldiers on the wall were also dumbstruck.

However, they stood on top of the city gate, naturally, they had a panoramic view of the scene on both sides.

“Wow! What is that?” Soldier A saw a black dot that wasn’t far away, and his eyes were opened very wide.

“It seems…seems like that horse carriage with the strange design from just now!!!” Soldier B cried out in fear!

“In the end, what’s going on?” Soldier C asked incredulously.

Everyone was all speechless.

What happened? Only ghosts knew what really happened.

They didn’t open the city gate, and the city wall wasn’t broken. Nor did they see them drill underground or fly. However, they actually directly passed through the wall, then ran far away…this must be the strangest damned thing under the heavens. Moreover, it happened in front of everyone’s eyes ah.

Just when everyone was confused, disaster continuously broke out non-stop.

Old Madman was worthy of being Old Madman, after his bad temper started, he was completely unconcerned with anything. He disposed of everything without any qualms.

This city of criminals, was already a malignant tumor to the local government, the sovereign of Northern Mo wished he could pull out this malignant tumor by the root. But because nobody living in this city was an ordinary person, therefore, not only did he fail again and again, he even sacrificed a lot of soldiers because of this city.

Until later, when Northern Mo’s sovereign really had no alternative, he finally handed Luo Yang City over to these criminals. Also because of this, the entire Northern Mo would constantly suffer trouble from this city of criminals, troubling and vexing the master of Northern Mo endlessly.

If the master of Northern Mo was to know what Su Luo did today, very likely, he would award her Best Fresh Talent Award ah.

After Su Luo escaped, the entire Luo Yang City sank into an abyss of suffering.

Elder Ancestor Mo, this old madman, he couldn’t find Su Luo, and therefore, was overflowing with anger. The entire Luo Yang City was destroyed by him until nothing was left.

The disaster gradually extended from the north gate, and finally, to the south gate.

Wherever the old madman went, everything behind him was an area of ruins. Anyone seeing it would be shocked.

Under the south gate, those people’s feeling of nervousness suddenly increased.

“Quickly open the city gate!”

“Open the city gate, otherwise, we’ll set fire to the city!”

“If you don’t open the city gate, your daddy, I, will kill every one of you in the next minute!”

Under the city gate, one after another, angry voices yelled, converging together into a mess, the drone of these voices echoing.

There were even smart people who recalled that strange horse that rushed out the city gate just now, and thought maybe, that wall had a mechanism that opened a hidden door. Therefore, they also rushed forward with flying speed.

But a pity, they directly smashed into the wall until they were badly bruised and bloody. There were those who were even more seriously hurt, directly passing out from the hit.

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